Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy organizes a group for personal experience and development, designed for people who want to look at themselves themselves more consciously and find solutions for personal problems and difficulties in their lives.

В modern world, where everything moves very fast, we often lose the sense of how I am here and now. In the group you will have opportunity:

- develop the ability to understand your experiences;

- express emotions and yourself in an appropriate and authentic way;

- understand the nature of different interpersonal conflicts you have;

- achieve a more satisfying relationship with your loved ones.

Participants in the group will have the opportunity to work on topical for our daily lives - parenting, partner relationships, balance between family and career, self-care and combining different roles.

When? Every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm from 23 September

About enrollment:

About more information: 0893583231 -Doroteya Panova


Elena Krasteva - family psychotherapist and emotionally focused therapist

Dorothea Panova - family psychotherapist and art therapist

Participation fee: 25 BGN