The loss of a child during pregnancy or after birth is an extremely strong and difficult experience for the family. A number of studies and international experience suggest that bringing together a group of people with similar experiences can help overcome the trauma.

Such groups function in many countries around the world with very good results, but in Bulgaria this is being done for the first time thanks to the initiative of the "Poppies for Mary" Foundation.

The group is open to mothers, fathers, and families regardless of the date of their loss or whether their baby died before or after birth, including in the early weeks of pregnancy. It is a place where they can talk freely about their experiences and gain understanding from other parents.

You can hear what the group is about in our conversation on the National radio (BNR) from 17.06.2015.

Anyone who is interested in the group, would like to visit it or get more information can contact the leaders:Elena Krasteva:, contact phone: 0885121345
Dorothea Panova:,contact phone: 0893583231