"All of us, from cradle to grave, are happiest when life is organised as a series of excursions, long or short, from the secure base provided by our attachment figures."

John Bowlby

"To be human is to need others; and that is not a flaw or a weakness."

Dr. Sue Johnson

what is eft?

The emotionally-focused approach for couples and family therapy is a therapeutic model that emphasizes emotions as the guiding force in people's lives. It has established itself worldwide as a workable therapeutic approach for working with couples.

EFT was established in the early 1980s by Dr. Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg and colleagues in Ottawa, Canada. Since then, Sue Johnson has developed the model and today it is a short-term structured approach to couples therapy that covers between 12 and 20 sessions.

The EFT therapist helps the couple understand how each partner contributes to and participates in a recurring negative pattern of interaction - the "negative dance/ vicious cycle" that leads to insecurity, frustration, tension and distance. The therapist helps the couple to create a positive, secure and intimate relationship.

Hold me tight

Programme for couples

The program is based on 25 years of research on couple relationships and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a contemporary approach to working with couples created by Dr. Sue Johnson.

It is a series of 8 training meetings for couples who want to understand more about their relationship and enrich their relationship. It uses presentations, video, experiential exercises and discussion between participants.

Love is not the icing on the cake of life.
It is a basic primary need,
like oxygen or water.
Once we understand and accept this,
we can more easily get to the heart of
relationship problems.

Dr. Sue Johnson

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