The Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) is an attachment theory-based healing modality that employs systemic and humanistic therapeutic interventions focused on re-structuring patterns of bonding with significant others. Emotion plays a central role in organizing inner experience and key patterns of interaction with others.

Through the Emotionally Focused Therapy, people develop the ability to manage their emotions instead of letting their emotions manage them. With the guidance of a well-trained EFT therapist, they learn to identify, experience, accept, explore, transform and manage their emotions. As a result, they become more adept at responding appropriately to emerging situations and more satisfied in their relationships.


  • To create corrective experiences in a supportive and validating environment and positively influence the operating patterns of self and others, facilitating sustainable positive change.
  • To help clients move towards openness, emotional response and engagement, creating safe relationships with their loved ones.
  • To help clients form a coherent sense of competence and adequacy in dealing with everyday and existential problems, unleashing their full potential.


  • If you are going through a difficult life situation and need support to cope better;
  • If you are suffering from any type of emotional disorder that includes anxiety, fears, depression; if you are experiencing grief after a loss;
  • If you are experiencing difficulties in relationships with your partner or other loved ones;
  • If you want to change a certain type of behavior;
  • If you feel dissatisfaction with your life in general, with yourself, with your relationships, with the way you are doing;

Duration of therapy

It depends on the client's needs, their readiness and the specific situation that leads them to seek help. Most often the therapy lasts from a few sessions, which take place once a week, to several months. The session lasts 60 minutes. The cost is 80lv.